Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Please read, follow and respect our Community Guidelines.

Community Guidelines


This policy is a living document and is subject to change in the future. If you would like to suggest changes, please do get in touch with us (see “Support” below)

These legal terms apply to you and tomato pay (we/us) and you agree to them by using the tomato pay Community Page and Forum.

Who are we?

We are tomato pay (we/us/our).

We are a FCA-Regulated QR-code based payments app for businesses and sole traders. tomato pay is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. If you have any questions about your personal information, please see our FAQs or please chat with us through the tomato pay Community Page, or alternatively email us at

Code of Conduct

By using the Community Page and Forum, you agree to follow our Community Code of Conduct. We may choose to update these occasionally, however they are always available on the Forum. We may choose to suspend or remove your account if you don’t follow the guidelines set.


We believe it is important to be transparent at tomato pay. We like to keep the integrity and honesty of the forum by not erasing posts unless our Code of Conduct is violated, in which case we may hide posts that break our Code of Conduct. By posting any content on the forum, you agree to us using this feature for as long as we need to.

Please do not post anything that could personally identify you or others publicly. We may edit posts which contain identifiable personal information.

If you are concerned about the privacy of your details, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help!


The tomato pay Community Page is a place where tomato pay users should feel welcome, safe and included to share their thoughts and opinions. Whilst we accept and encourage all differing opinions, we want to ensure the community is a safe space for all.

You agree that you are fully responsible for any of your content. You must make sure you have permission to post information where needed and appropriate, and won’t harm anyone by making it public.

The purpose of this statement is to outline our community values - what we do and don’t stand for to protect our customers, community and tomato pay’s integrity.


We believe everyone should feel included in our tomato pay community. We feel no one should feel excluded on the basis of their:

  • Gender, gender expression or gender identity.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Medical condition and/or disability.
  • Physical appearance(s).
  • Race and ethnicity.
  • Religion.
  • Age.

Shared Values

You agree that:

  • We are collectively, as a community and individually, committed to inclusivity and safety.
  • We have zero tolerance for abuse, harassment or discrimination.
  • We respect people’s opinions, identities and boundaries.
  • We refrain from using language that maybe considered oppressive, e.g. racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist and ableist. This includes various slurs.
  • We avoid using offensive topics as a form of humour.
  • We do not speculate or suggest ways of breaking the law and the security measures of tomato pay and other banks.

We actively work towards:

  • Being a safe and positive community.
  • Develop a network of support and encouragement for one another.
  • Encourage responsible and varied forms of expression.

We condemn:

  • Publishing private information.
  • Threats of harm and harassment.
  • Anything that compromises people’s safety.

Forum Etiquette

We avoid:

  • Name calling.
  • Ad hominem attacks (criticising/abusing a fellow poster personally, not their post).
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of it’s actual content.
  • Replying in a confrontational manner when we see a post we think needs attention (please use the flag feature to report it).
  • Deliberately derailing threads or other forms of online trolling.
  • Posting low-value content that doesn’t add to the discussion.
  • Repeatedly making the same arguments.
    Creating multiple accounts.

We are polite and respectful:

  • Don’t post anything that a person would consider offensive, abusive or hateful.
  • Don’t post anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • Don’t harass or grief anyone, impersonate or expose their private information.
  • Don’t post spam or otherwise vandalise the forum.

When we’re called out, we politely do the following:

  • Listen without interruption.
  • Believe what the person is saying and do not attempt to disqualify what they have to say.
  • Ask for tips and help toward avoiding reoffending in the future.

Consequences for breaking the rules

Here at tomato pay, we take a strong stance on enforcing our community guidelines. In some cases, such as posting content that we have zero tolerance on, we will immediately ban and remove the user from our online community.

For other violations, we will ensure to follow these steps:

  • First offence:
    We’ll send you a warning. We will be in contact to let you know what occurred and point out which part of the Code of Conduct you are breaking.
  • Second offence:
    We’ll take action. This can be short-term suspension (under the line of repeated misbehaviour), a long-term suspension (for repeated misbehaviour on a large scale, or a significant incident), or an outright removal from the Community Page and Forum (under extreme serious situations).
  • For future offences:
    If, following a suspension, you return and are still breaking the Code of Conduct, we will fully remove you from the Community.

Alert us :raising_hand_man:t4:
If you experience abuse, harassment, discriminiation or feel unsafe, please let a tomato pay moderator (Anup Parmar - Community Manager) know as soon as possible.

Anything you share with our moderators will be held in confidence. Please do not hesitate in coming forward.

Thank you for helping keep the tomato pay Community a fun and safe space to get involved.

Happy posting!

Anup Parmar - Community Manager at tomato pay